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Millwork In Progress

Library staff did a walk-through of the building with the architects yesterday to check the progress, and it’s looking good! The custom-built furniture, such as the  circulation desk, is beautiful, and although there is still a lot to be done, the visual details are starting to come together.  It’s almost to the point where shelving can be installed!

The beautiful new circulation desk!

The children’s information desk to the left of the main circulation desk, and facing towards the children’s area. The room behind the children’s desk will be a quiet, private space set aside for nursing mothers.

Looking into the teen area from the lobby. Custom built shelving for Young Adult materials on the right, computers on the left, and a homework room in the back.

The children’s program room has a durable, resilient floor as well as its own sink to make it easier to clean up after crafting activities.

There will be comfortable reading chairs along the curved front window to the right, and the public computer area on the left under the drop ceiling. The computer training lab will be in the last room on the left.

This airy space will house the shelving for the adult fiction and non-fiction collections. Special shades over the south-facing windows allow in ambient light, but limit the amount of direct light coming in to lower cooling costs in the summer.

A pretty, curved walkway follows the front curve of the building. Landscaping has just begun at the front with low-maintenance plants, and there will be benches placed in convenient spots for people waiting for rides, talking on phones, or simply enjoying the small glade of trees that the building curves around.










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The Circulation Desk is being installed

Landscaping has begun

More landscaping

The front doors have been installed

The parking lot has been striped and curbs put in place






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This week’s updates: Installation of light fixtures is progressing, final portions of concrete for the parking area are being poured, most of the solar shades are in place, the glass on the entry vestibule is being installed, toilets and drinking fountains have been installed, the epoxy flooring in the restrooms has been poured, painting continues, and a dropped ceiling grid with lighting is being installed over the computer area and the circulation desk.

Ceiling grid installation over public computer area

View from leisure reading area to computer training lab

Drop ceiling over Circulation Desk area

Painting the Teen Zone

Glass installation for entry vestibule

One of the final areas of concrete being poured and smoothed






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Sidewalks Poured

Sidewalks within the site and along North Avenue and West Street have been poured

Interior windows to staff offices

Glazing in progress


South windows – Solar shades are blocking direct light, and painting is in progress

Front curved window

Interior lighting is being installed

Cementitious waterproofing







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