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Reinforcing is being laid down for the foundation in preparation for pouring the concrete slab, work on the retaining walls continues, and the main plumbing lines have been roughly laid out.

The curved concrete along the front of the building is complete. The front entrance is on the left of the frame.

Concrete being poured for a wall.


Concrete being vibrated to remove air pockets / voids.

Plumbing being roughed out.

The first load of concrete block being delivered for the next phase of construction!



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The retaining wall and knee walls along the long inner curve of the library, as well as the retaining wall along Hill Street are largely complete. Backfilling is complete along the north and northeast walls.  The internal column footings are in progress – some are complete already and some are marked out and ready for excavation.  Excavation is in progress for the bathroom walls, and the southeast corner of the building is being laid out in preparation for excavation there as well.


Backfilling is complete along the north and northeast walls.


Retaining wall and knee walls along the inner curve of the building - the dip in the wall to the left of the center will be the library's main entrance.



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Formwork at the east wall

Formwork - West Wall

Formwork - Northwest Retaining Walls

Data Conduit

Back-filling - North Wall

Back-filling - North Wall


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Illustration of the Front (West) side of the new Forest Park Branch Library

Illustration of the Teen Zone

Looking Past the Teen Zone to the Children's Area

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The concrete has been poured in most of the major parking areas.

Gravel smoothed out and ready for concrete.

Concrete being poured in one of the parking areas.

The foundation on the east side of the library is in progress.

Foundation work in progress.


The framework of the retaining walls is in progress.

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